Why Coaching

The modern workplace has changed significantly and success means new skills are required, in order to produce results.

Ready access to advanced technology, globalisation, and customer demand for better products and services at lower cost have hugely increased competition in the marketplace. New issues are now on the agenda of the modern organisation:

  • Delivering exceptional value
  • Cutting operating costs
  • Consistently innovating
  • Simplifying work processes
  • Directing information that is critical to decision making, to those closest to the customer
  • Developing employees’ skills to work collaboratively
  • Being change agile
  • Developing resilience

A different type of leadership is required in order to deliver business results and remain competitive. A model in which leaders can engage the full commitment and participation of every employee is needed in place of the traditional top-down decision making approach. Today’s more efficient workplace needs everyone to be able to play to win.

Developing New Skills – The Role of Coaching as a Development Tool

Coaching is a key organisational tool being used for supporting managers in their development of the high-performance workplace that is demanded by business today.

Using a coaching model as the underlying framework for developing leaders can have enormous positive impact on the organisation. The resulting culture can more readily adapt to a changing marketplace, is poised for innovation, and is positioned to attract and quickly develop the best talent. Building coaching competencies in an organisation empowers all employees to make their best contribution.

Organisations incorporating coaching demonstrate a high level of commitment to develop people as the key to achieving sustainable results. Coaching can thus play an important role in delivering on the business objectives of any organisation.

Client Quotes

" Working with Donla provides me with an objective and supportive sounding board that enables me to identify and address issues myself thereby enhancing my self-awareness, management capacity and overall performance at work ."