CLIENTS: Testimonials

Feedback from some of our clients:

Client Quotes

"We have already seen tangible benefits from our collaboration with STEP in terms of more focused, motivated and effective managers and believe that Donla can add significant value to any organisation that wishes to develop its key people."


"We initially engaged the services of STEP to assist us in a recruitment campaign for a key senior management position. Having discussed the key elements of the role, Donla designed a job profile that would best fit with our leadership team. With STEP, using a combination of assessments and more traditional interview techniques, we made what turned out to be an excellent appointment.

Based on the success of our initial experience with STEP, we have engaged their services to help develop leadership skills within our organisation and also to coach and develop new management appointments.

We have already seen tangible benefits from our collaboration with STEP in terms of more focused, motivated and effective managers and believe that Donla can add significant value to any organisation that wishes to develop its key people."

P.Boland, Sales Director, Nissan

"Before I started to work with Donla, I felt that I needed to keep myself fresh, interested and dynamic and to examine my work habits and practices, as I was too operationally focused and my work-life balance was completely askew.

Since I began to work with STEP I have achieved significant changes in my behaviour that have contributed to the business, the work environment and my work-life balance. I quickly realised that I tended to be overly available to others, resulting in my own agenda being interrupted, which in turn necessitated frequent working at night. This led to a more structured approach to work, increased emphasis on delegation and the freeing up of time to allow more strategic focus. I can now deal more with clients, diversify the type of work that I do and still have time for planned inputs and engagements with staff.

Working with Donla provides me with an objective and supportive sounding board that enables me to identify and address issues myself thereby enhancing my self-awareness, management capacity and overall performance at work."

T.Tyrell, Socio-economic Consultant

“Working with Donla has made an enormous difference to my personal and professional life. She understands my business and my issues and provides the perspective and level of trust that I need. She keeps me focused and helps me be accountable when I need to be. She is particularly strong at peeling away the layers and getting to the core of an issue and helping me confront it. I am closer to being in control of my life than I have been for a long time.”

P Gallagher, Director

“My promotion prompted my involvement in coaching with Donla. I feel enormously privileged and fortunate to have been afforded the opportunity to have her as my coach. She is thorough and intuitive and has an authority and sense of purpose that is infectious. My experience with Donla has thought me how to access the answers within myself to those dilemmas we all face. This experience of coaching enables me to feel in control and its legacy is long lasting and applicable across all aspects of life.”

T. Grealis, RTE

“Over a period of 10 months working with Donla, I have learnt an enormous amount about myself and how to be more effective. Donla has a great way to help you dig deep and see how subtle changes can make a huge difference. She will keep asking questions you wouldn’t think of asking yourself, until you find the answer. She then helps you translate this into actions ad holds you accountable, which guarantees results. I would highly recommend using Donla’s coaching services.”

C. Cautley, Business Owner

“I found the experience of working with Donla to be of major significance in both my personal and business life. Goals that I had always aspired to but never achieved were brought sharply into focus and very quickly became reality. Donla’s professional, knowledgeable and inspirational input ensured that each session was both effective and fun.”

W. Fox. Managing Director, Marketing Impressions

“STEP customised a program over a 12 week period to achieve company objectives set jointly by the individuals and the company. Donla provided insightful feedback, a pragmatic approach and challenged the individuals and stakeholders throughout the program.

The program exceeded my expectation as the holistic approach covered areas that influenced approach and attitude to work. It acted as a change agent and developed the skills of upward management, prioritisation and organisation. It was also effective in the development of communication and delegation skills”.

U. Price, Operations Director, Photologic

“Undertaking a coaching program with STEP was a life-changing experience for me. I answered the most important questions for me at that particular time and I made some key decisions and acted on them. I orchestrated a transition in my business which has proved very successful.

I feel particularly lucky to have met Donla and would wholeheartedly recommend her to any business person seeking to maximise their potential.”

C. Maguire, Partner in Charge

"Coaching was a particularly profound experience for me and provided unique insights into issues I had felt I had previously addressed. As someone who has lots of ideas, I found Donla extremely intuitive and capable of focusing me in a very practical way, which has made a big difference to me and my business. While achieving my goals, what I had not anticipated was the increase in self-awareness and the insights I got into my own personality as a result of coaching. I now approach many things in a different way, thanks to Donla. Coaching was an invaluable experience and I would highly recommend it to everyone, irrespective of age, career or lifestyle."

E. Boland, Consultant.

“Three months earlier, my daily life revolved exclusively around my work. My daily routine has now been transformed and my diary today is much more comprehensive and structured. With the assistance of Donla I have been able to look at all aspects of my job and develop a series of rules to which I now adhere. By also focussing on the valuable time spent outside work, I now have found a happy balance in my life.”

B. Flood. Sales Manager

“I found Donla to be inspirational and professional as she worked with me to achieve my goals. The coaching has had a radical impact on me and on my business, which has seen a major increase in revenues over the same period”.

R. Barr, Business Owner

“Since working with STEP, I have learned to step back and assess situations better with a view to getting better balance and perspective on them leading to a much more structured and ordered method of operation. I have become more aware of my own needs, becoming more assertive and now I have a much better feeling of self worth. I am also now planning my work routine much better, which is leading to a reduction in stress levels”.

S O’Donovan, Director, Financial Services

“Working with Donla helped me find the answers within myself. I confronted issues I had avoided for years and felt huge relief. I have made big changes, with the guidance and support of Donla”.

C. Staines, Solicitor